“Hotel Strike, Milk Club…”

“Hotel Strike, Milk Club…”

Posted August 31, 2006 by

Editor, Regardng Casey Mills’ news short entitled “Milk Club Votes No Endorsement in District 8”, I’d like to point out a minor inaccuracy. In the nuance of the club endorsement process “No Endorsement” is an actual position that a club
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Bayview Referendum Organizers Submit Signatures with Style

Posted August 31, 2006 by Casey Mills

Organizers of the effort to place a referendum on Bayview Redevelopment before San Francisco voters submited more than 30,000 signatures to the Elections Department yesterday. The signatures arrived in grand style, when a polished black hearse accompanied by a three-piece
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School Beat: It’s A Whole New Year Again

Posted August 31, 2006 by Lisa Schiff

Monday morning brought yet another year’s fresh start to students, teachers and parents throughout San Francisco. For many, the new school year means progressing on to the next step in a successful academic career. We can see those successes mirrored
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The New Commies

Posted August 31, 2006 by Tommi Avicolli Mecca

When I was a kid it was all about the commies. They were always hiding in the bushes, waiting to destroy our precious freedoms. They had missiles pointed at major American cities. At any given moment, they could “bury us,”
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San Francisco Hotel Workers March and Rally

Posted August 31, 2006 by

Who: Hotel workers and community allies What: March and Rally When: Thursday, August 31 at 4:15pm Where: Market and 4th Street (next to the Four Seasons Hotel) Why: UNITE HERE! Local 2 and the San Francisco Multi-Employer Group (MEG), which
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I Was a Target of Homeland Security

Posted August 30, 2006 by Casey Mills

When I stepped into the San Francisco airport a week and a half ago to begin my vacation in Central America, I knew it wouldn’t be an easy experience. The recently unearthed suicide bomber plot in England had everyone talking,
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Scheer/Lamont Analogy Provokes New Insights

Posted August 30, 2006 by Randy Shaw

My August 24 piece, “Robert Scheer was the Ned Lamont of the 1960’s” evoked some great responses, some of which are printed below. The most interesting message came from reader Kathleen Grasso Andersen, who is clearly steeped in Connecticut politics.
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Hotels Recruiting Scabs

Posted August 30, 2006 by Marc Norton

When hotel workers and their allies rally Thursday afternoon, they will be confronting a global corporatocracy of hotel bosses that is actively recruiting scabs for a possible strike. Just one example — check out the website of a scab-herding organization
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