Gerald Ford Legacy is Nothing to be Proud Of

Posted December 27, 2006 by Tommi Avicolli Mecca

While the nation’s mainstream media is busy publishing gushing tributes to recently deceased former President Gerald Ford, it’s important to point out that his legacy leaves nothing to be proud of. He pardoned of one of the nation’s worst criminals,
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2006 : The Start of America’s Next Progressive Era

Posted December 22, 2006 by Randy Shaw

Since the 1830’s, America has been swept by progressive reform roughly every thirty years. Consider: social and economic reform movements emerged in response to industrialization in the 1830’s, the anti-slavery movement elected Abe Lincoln in the 1860’s, and rural populists
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“Hugo Chavez…”

“Hugo Chavez…”

Posted December 20, 2006 by

To the Editor, Here’s what’s not to like about Hugo Chavez: (1) He calls Bush “the devil,” which is the same kind of demagoguery that our Prez and the GOP practice. (2) He wants to change the Venezuelan constitution so
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John Edwards and the Coming Progressive Era

Posted December 20, 2006 by Randy Shaw

Responses to my above column arguing that 2006 was the start of a new progressive era raised two issues that deserve further discussion. First, many noted that John Edwards would also be a President who supported progressive movements. This is
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Notes From My Purple State: Brownback for President

Posted December 20, 2006 by Jesse Zerger Nathan

In mid-December, Senator Sam Brownback (R-Kansas) got another boost to his long-shot presidential bid. His name is Tom Monaghan and he’s worth millions. Already, in November, the defeats of Senators Rick Santorum and George Allen, both right-wingers with their eyes
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School Beat: Starr King, a School on the Rise

Posted December 20, 2006 by Renee Tan

Two years ago, I would have never looked at the school my son is attending. I knew no one with kids there and nobody ever mentioned it at the playground so it did not have much of a reputation. Lesson
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“Election Candidates…”

“Election Candidates…”

Posted December 19, 2006 by

Hi, Randy, I think you’re right on target with this article. I have to disagree on who would be the candidate though. The only progressive I have seen so far is John Edwards. Even George Will, a Republican and staunch
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Suit Filed to Reinstate Bayview Redevelopment Referendum

Posted December 19, 2006 by Randy Shaw

The Committee to Defend Bayview Hunters Point has filed a writ of mandate in San Francisco Superior Court challenging City Attorney Dennis Herrera’s legal opinion invalidating the Bayview-Hunters Point Redevelopment referendum. Over 33,000 San Francisco voters signed referendum petitions, which
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