Chronicle Exploits Meeting With Galvin to Bash Homeless

Posted November 30, 2007 by Paul Hogarth

Sister Bernie Galvin of Religious Witness for Homeless People didn’t expect her meeting with the San Francisco Chronicle’s Editorial Board to become another C.W. Nevius hit-piece. But that’s what happened on the front page of yesterday’s Bay Area edition –
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Undecided Republican Supports John Edwards

Posted November 30, 2007 by Paul Hogarth

In a great example of how the Republicans are in disarray about their 2008 presidential candidates, consider the following that happened this week. During the November 28th Presidential Debate, CNN had a focus group of 24 undecided Florida Republicans to
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Taj Mahal Comes to Yoshi’s on Fillmore

Posted November 30, 2007 by E. "Doc" Smith

This Sunday night, I’ll be enjoying my birthday dinner at the new Yoshi’s on Fillmore, seeing one of the greatest musicians of al time, the incredible Taj Mahal and his Phantom Blues Band. Taj has been playing his own distinctive
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Perpetrator of Jane Kim Death Threat Identified

Posted November 29, 2007 by Marc Norton

Beyond Chron has learned the identity of the person who sent out a Facebook message last year which said “Jane Kim needs to die.” Kim is an elected member of the San Francisco School Board, who supported the Board’s decision
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Clinton Lies About Having Opposed the War

Posted November 29, 2007 by Paul Hogarth

If you think we can trust Hillary Clinton on Iraq, consider what her husband said this week while campaigning in Iowa. Former President Bill Clinton claimed to have opposed the War “from the beginning,” but that it was inappropriate for
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