The much anticipated, 2013 World Chess Championship is level at 2-2 after a very long Game 4. Following a much needed day of rest for both players and fans, defending champion Viswanathan Anand and challenger Magnus Carlsen were back at the board in Chennai, India this morning, starting at 12:30AM PST. You can watch the live streams with commentary right via the links below, as well as examine the game on an interactive chessboard.

The video streams have so far been made available about half an hour before the game, with the interactive board appearing shortly before the match itself. Commentary by the tremendous team of GM Susan Polgar GM Ramesh R.B., IM Tania Sachdev, and IM Lawrence Trent will begin about ten minutes before the game begins.

With every game in the series ending in a draw so far, chess fans are anxious to see a win. Here is a link to all of the games: