SF Attorney Wins Injunction Against ACCJC and Praise from Nancy Pelosi

Two weeks ago City Attorney Dennis Herrera's team won a preliminary injunction in Superior Court preventing the dis-accreditation of City College San Francisco until the court case against ACCJC is settled.

Last week Nancy Pelosi visited the Chinatown campus of City College of San Francisco (CCSF). She spoke out in support of CCSF and indicated she will be pushing for "the highest scrutiny" of the Accrediting Commission ACCJC because what they have done "just isn't responsible".

She went on to praise the temporary injunction won by SF Attorney Dennis Herrera, saying "I sing the praises of Dennis Herrera." The 30 minute video of the event at the CCSF campus is well worth viewing as it shows the depth of commitment to the college and growing criticism of ACCJC. Pelosi said "Make no mistake ... and I mean that literally and figuratively to the Accrediting Commission....."


After so much negative news about CCSF for the past 18 months, with "closure reports" and so many residents falsely thinking the college is closing, why hasn't CCSF broadcast these positive events? The court injunction is obviously relevant to the question of accreditation and support from former Speaker Pelosi is hugely important coming on the heels of the stunning event with Representatives Esho and Speier.

These events, including the videos linked above, are testaments to CCSF which should be broadcast far and wide. Why have the "leaders" of CCSF not publicized these events on the college website? Why are they not using these extraordinary events to help with recruiting and changing the public perception?

The outside appointed leadership of CCSF has done nothing to speak up to correct false information about the college. They have made terrible decisions which hurt enrollment at the college. Under the Interim Chancellor Scott-Skillman, for example. they made the disastrous decision to not distribute the Fall Semester class schedule to households across San Francisco as always done in the past. Now, they are ignoring events which are major PR opportunities.


ACCJC has just issued a press release with a self-serving interpretation of the recent court decision. They go on to make the bold assertion that "ACCJC's purpose is to uphold the quality of education of its member institutions."

If that is their purpose, how are they doing? During the event at CCSF Nancy Pelosi said. "There has never been a question about the education (at City College)". All the facts bear it out.

Let us compare the official figures showing the success of CCSF versus the colleges where Super Trustee Agrella came from (Santa Rosa) and where Interim Chancellor Scott-Skillman came from (Folsom Lake College). The following is the official data from the time period 2006-2012 with the Show Cause decision against CCSF coming at the end of this time period.

Folsom Lake College (Scott-Skillman)Santa Rosa College (Agrella)City College SF
Full Time Equiv Students5.4K19.7K32.6K
Career Tech Ed49.9%54.5%49.5%
30 Units70.3%69.8%72.5%
Remedial (Math/English/ESL)23/35/715/27/1218/43/52
% FT Faculty69.4%58.2%71.4%

As the above data confirms, there has been nothing wrong with the quality of education at CCSF.


In reality, ACCJC actions have not served to "uphold education quality". On the contrary, they have done tremendous harm and damage. Some of the students who would have enrolled at CCSF have gone to other colleges but many THOUSANDS have not.

The actions of ACCJC against CCSF have been in contradiction with their own stated purpose. They have abused their authority and public trust. They have damaged a vital public institution with negative consequence on thousands of San Franciscans.

Kudos to Dennis Herrera, Tom Ammiano, Nancy Pelosi, Anna Eshoo, Jackie Speier and all the other real leaders who are speaking out against this outrage.

Rick Sterling is a retired engineer and independent journalist.