This is not a coming out party. Rivera has been building a fan club for several engagements. Her songs take the standards and turn them into assured brilliance. Yep, no doubt about it. Chita makes us all fall in love again. When she was on the stage last time at the glorious Venetian Room - I noticed that several people were holding hands. Of course, no one touched my hands -- but then, I wasn't going to sing either.

Ingratiating performer Chita, has amazing energy on the stage. Everywhere she goes she garners rave reviews around the world. Every note is passionate and emotional. You will find that Chita belt out song that can can make you swoon with her versions of the torch songs. She is excitingly professional and smart and witty.

We can't wait to hear the music and the warmth Chita gives to the audience. In between the fantastic songs -- she is also responsible for her amusing delicious wit. Rivera sings many showtunes that we all love. What an impact - Chita really doesn't need a microphone to dazzle the audience with her rich voice. The last time she was at the wonderful Fairmont, the audience was begging for more.

Lets face it. Whatever Chita Rivera does on the stage is "Damn perfect!" She's remarkable from beginning to end. It's a Cinematic love letter for all of us. FA-LASH... Let's Celebrate Chita and The Fairmont. She is a nine-time Tony nominee, two-time Tony Award winner, and first hispanic woman ever to receive the Kennedy Center Honor. This is a can't miss!


Now at The Venetian Room (Fairmont San Francisco. Sunday, February 23, 2014

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