42nd Street Moon -- is close to being a big Broadway hit. Some on the Broadway strip didn't care much for it in N.Y. They thought that it had too many faults. What do the know? Hey, that's O.K with me. Some thought that the show didn't have what it takes. But they are wrong. This Super Guy (Lucas Coleman) is lots of fun. It's tongue and check-melodrama on this stage. It's on the level of "Bye, Bye Birdie". The musical numbers are hip and cool . Some of the songs are great show stoppers.

Here's the story: Metropolis is in grave danger. But don't worry - Superman is out to defeat Dr. Agnes Sedgwick (Darlene Popovic). Wow! what a wonderful and amazing performer she is. She's evil -- but that's what makes her so interesting. She even manages to take away all of Superman's energy. What a Bitch, she is.

Also terrific is the Suave Max Lane (Brent Schindele). Lois Lane (Jen Brooks) -- doesn't get it. She is working in the same Newspaper office as Superman -- That's hilarious.

The entire show is truly interesting. Especially the character Max Mencken (a Winchell-type Columnist) is all over the place. He has enough energy to power the whole Newspaper Industry. Plus he's handsome, and so is "Superman."

This is one the the most entertaining shows that I've seen in a long time. I would love to work at the "Daily Planet" along with Superman. Geez - you'd think that he would at least let me wear the cape now and then.

NOW PLAYING AT 42nd Street Moon (Eureka Theatre)



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