O.K. here's the deal. "The Pain" may seem like a pain -- but the Technique draws dramatic tension. However this well constructed dysfunctional family is the most laughter you will find anywhere.

Sure - there is anger. Lots of it. The way I see it - the actors in this play will all be big stars. Everyone will be talking about them. Everyone I talk to tell me about the impact it has on "The Pain". And that impact is like a Tornado.

What we find is that this is a middle class couple that goes to any lengths to keep the house in a blissful way. But things do not go on like you were ready to play house. To the contrary -- the house is about to explode. I can't imagine finding a group that would take this shouting self-hating gang bunch of misfits.

Yeh - they may all be related in this way or that -- but this angry family is headed for hell. They all seem to hate each other as the anger motivation catches up speed.

The only non-family (Mr. Hadid) Dorian Lockett sits out most of the play until the end. It's a strong ending. In between though is plenty of hysterical, funny vicious drama.

I loved the play. I laughed like crazy at the concept and really enjoyed it. I mean that I really, really laughed hard. It's a High Energy Concept - and I think you will enjoy this funny hilarious evening. Many people at the show were bent over with constant laughter.



Linda Kosut gave a marvelous show at the "Rex Society Room" where the Mike Greensill Trio brought in a tremendous body of piano work. Linda sang songs about intense hugging, increased heart rate and euphoric dizziness, laughter and slow dancing. In the show "Easy Come, Easy Go" - the Music of Johnny Green brought the audience of Jazz and Standards from these Greats: Yip Harburg, Johnny Mercer, Edward Heyman, and much more.

Kosut has earned a title of Best Female Jazz Singer (L.A. Times) and brought new life to music again like "Body and Soul". Johnny Green's standards are still on the charts. And they will stay with us forever. They sure as Hell belong there. Thanks to Kosut and the Band.

These are a few of my favorites: "The Turntable Song" - "Gonna Fall In Love With You" - and in 1933 - "I Cover The Waterfront" by Johnny Mercer. You won't ever want to miss Yip Harburg's "Foolish Baby". That's just a few of the Greats. Kosut will change things around I'm sure -- but whatever she does -- it sparkles. She can take any song -- and make it 'sweetly poignant'.

Here's the Trio that are in the 21st century: They are Mike Greensill musical director/piano. Tom Shader, bass; Alan Hall drums; and Linda Kosut.


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