Isn’t it strange how I can write this to you at one point in time, but the message won’t get to you for days, weeks, or even months? It’s like a star so far away; its light won’t reach us for billions of years.

Okay, that might be a stretch. What I’m getting at here is how much things can change in just a week, month, or year. As I write this, I am sitting in my living room in Austin, Texas—surrounded by boxes. Tomorrow morning, Tuesday, May 14, I move to San Francisco. So by the time this gets to you, dear reader, I’ll be your new neighbor.

Like the light of a star…

Okay, forget it.

As I’ve been packing up my bags here in Austin, I’ve been thinking a lot about travel; about the journeys we take. Whether you’re moving from one city to another, one country to another, or simply taking a quick vacation, I believe each of these physical trips is a journey deeper into ourselves—especially when it seems hard. You grow. You show yourself how wonderfully resilient you can be. And in the end you can see just why you left in the first place—to get here. Right here. Now.

Almost one year ago I went on a journey that changed my life. I feel like everything that was before, led up to this experience, and everything that has come since has been enriched because of it. And no, I don’t mean that I went on some trip and voila! All of life’s problems have been kept at bay since. Of course the same issues were waiting for me when I returned home, and yes, I’ve gone through some difficult times since then, but these difficult times have been enriched, and felt, and lived like I never had before.

So what was this magical adventure, you ask?

Boundless Bliss Bali.

I’m sure you fellow spiritual taste testers out there are aware of the “spiritual vacation.” The one where some travel agent who has read the Power of Now a couple of times books a group of 40 people in a fancy hotel in Tibet or Belize and arranges a few guided meditations in between yoga classes and lounging by the pool.

This was not that kind of trip.

The best way I can describe Boundless Bliss is as a "seminar." Well sort of. I use the sarcasm quotes here because, as Kute Blackson (the man behind the magic) told us while we were there— this is not a seminar. And it really wasn't. Honestly, I just don't have words for what it was.

All of Bali was our "classroom." We had adventures, we had breakthroughs, there was laughter, there were tears, and (shocking for anyone who knows me) there were hugs, kisses, and friendships made that will last forever. In fact, one of the dear friends I met in Bali will be picking me up at the airport tomorrow in San Francisco.

And as I’ve been boxing up my house, packing up the bag I took on this adventure almost a year ago, and thinking about all that has happened since then, I’ve realized something.

It wasn’t Bali itself that changed my life. In fact, it really wasn’t even about being there at all (though the beautiful backdrop did help.) It was that this experience, this process, gave me the space, the tools, the personal tests, and the support to shed all of those stifling layers that I’ve packed on as an adult. It allowed me to be open; to be more Me than I have been since I was a kid.

And it was a hell of a lot of fun.

So whether or not a journey/adventure/seminar/whatever you want to call it, is for you, I just want to remind you to treat each trip—be it to a new city, another country, or just to the grocery store—treat it like it is something special. Because it is.

It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end. – Ernest Hemingway

Have you been on a trip that changed your life? A “spiritual journey”? Send me your feedback below!