In my last post (link) I told you guys about a rather interesting encounter with a Spiritual Healer name Deborah. In short, we worked on dissipating the “glamours” that were blocking me from being my highest and biggest self—in my case, a whole lot of fear, residual from the past. No, this isn’t the part where I open up and tell you about my childhood or that traumatizing event when I was five and hurt my knee. (Though, seriously, when a child is crawling around the yard on all fours pretending to be a dog, someone should really make sure there aren’t any sharp objects lying around!)


At the end of my meeting with Deborah the Healer I didn’t feel much different, but she told me to be very aware over the next two weeks. I would be more receptive, things would be easier, and synchronicities and “coincidences” would just fall into my path.

So it hasn’t been two weeks yet, in fact, it has barely even been four days, but I just wanted to get this down, on record. Consider this my rave review of the Dissipating Glamours event with Ms. Deborah—so far, I’m pretty impressed. She was right.

The very next day I went to a massage. Now this was just a regular deep-tissue massage I’d purchased through Groupon and had scheduled about a month in advance—before I ever knew I’d be meeting with Ms. Deborah.

I walked into the very cute building, an old Victorian that at one point must have been someone’s beautiful home, and found Kim sitting at the front desk. She looked about ten years older than me, had on a comfy sweater, jeans, sneakers, brown hair pulled back. She smiled at me and introduced herself, not as the receptionist, but as the massage therapist as well. It was a slow day—a Friday during work hours—and we were the only ones there.

But my shoulders and neck had been killing me and all I heard was “massage.” So I headed back to the room, laid down, and waited.

An hour later the massage was over and I was walking out of the room, re-dressed, and bleary-eyed from having had my eyes closed for so long.

I was just getting ready to leave, already thinking about what else I needed to do that day, when—

“Natalie, can I talk to you about something?”

Kim gestured at a chair. I sat down. She sat down across from me. She looked nervous.

Kim went on to tell me that when she was giving me my massage she sensed something was wrong. She admitted that her main work was actually energy healing. She said it apprehensively, almost embarrassedly, probably assuming that I’d dismiss her saying “I don’t buy into all of that nonsense” and walk out the door. But of course I do buy into all of that nonsense and so I stayed seated and listened.

She told me that she sensed I was going through a very transitional period in my life, that I was struggling to leave behind the old and move onto something bigger, something great. (FYI- she was right. More on this transition soon!) She could feel it in my energy; but she could also feel it in my body.

“The muscles along your spine just don’t feel healthy,” she said bluntly.

Which was concerning to me. I am someone who prides herself on a healthy lifestyle—gym, yoga, delicious/nutritious clean and healthy foods.

She asked me if I’d always been this healthy. I said I hadn’t.

“That’s probably what I’m picking up here.” Old habits, old thought patterns, old “glamours,” as Deborah the Healer had said the night before. Not only do old habits die hard, but apparently they also live in your body on a physical, cellular level, even once you think you’ve moved on.

We talked a bit more about our pasts and some of our shared experiences. We were a lot alike, it turned out, and in the end we ended up scheduling a complimentary appointment to do some energy work in a few weeks.

“You know, the funny thing is, I wasn’t even scheduled to work with you today,” Kim told me as I was leaving. “It was supposed to be another therapist, but she had to cancel last minute. So here I am.”

There she was. Just like Deborah the Healer had told me the night before, “Be aware.” That synchronicities and coincidences would fall into my path, guiding me to rid myself of past fears or “glamours.”

And there she was.

I’ll certainly keep you all updated on how this goes over the next two weeks and I’ll do a follow up post on our next session.

For now, though, I want to hear from you. Do you have any similar experiences? What are your thoughts on energy work in general? I love hearing from you guys, so keep the feedback coming!

Namaste, folks.