On April 29, I described how Urban Green Investments displaces tenants without going through formal eviction procedures. We have another classic case of Urban Green’s strategy at1071-1077 Treat Avenue in the Mission. Urban Green purchased the 4-unit property in January 2013. It includes four large units, four car parking on a double lot, and large storage facilities. Three of the households hired a private attorney and accepted a buyout from Urban Green with an August 2013 move out date. Urban Green offered the buyout roughly one week after taking title. One tenant unit is left (a low income senior unit who has been in his unit since 1991 and his roommate) and they want to fight the eviction. The senior has received multiple buyout offers and harassment from Michael Karpowitz, who has routinely been accused of such activities. Urban Green’s harassment tactics are starting to closely resemble those of Skyline Reality, and it’s time for the Board of Supervisors to call for a hearing on their abuses.