Want to take some good classes at a great community college? Enroll at City College San Francisco. With all the misinformation and negative news, there are more openings available than usual. If you, a friend or relative is considering it, now is a great time to enroll. Classes start August 14.

Why Enroll? Because the Quality of Education is Superior .

Data from the Office of California Community Colleges confirms that CCSF students have much higher than average success. Following are the latest completion and persistence (re-enrollment) rates for CCSF compared to other community colleges in its ACCJC review cohort. The following data shows the results of the most recently published 5 year period running from 2006/7 to 2011/12. The data is publicly available at http://datamart.cccco.edu/Outcomes/Student_Success_Scorecard.aspx

June 2012 ACCJC "Comprehensive Evaluation"Barstow41.7%47.0%
 Feather River47.0%56.8%
 LA Harbor44.6%54.3%
 LA SouthWest35.4%44.0%
 San Francisco55.6%75.2%
 West LA39.3%50.5%
June 2013 ACCJC "Comprehensive Evaluation"Coastline51.1%55.8%
 Copper Mountain30.2%51.5%
 Golden West51.5%75.7%
 LA Mission34.8%57.3%
 LA Pierce52.5%63.0%
 LA Valley42.0%56.0%
 Orange Coast59.0%79.1%
 San Francisco55.6%75.2%
 San Joaquin Delta48.0%72.5%
ReferenceSanta Rosa53.1%62.3%

At the individual level there are remarkable success stories such as Josh Biddle. After a wayward and troubled youth, he found inspiration and focus at CCSF. He excelled in the sciences, transferred to UC Berkeley and in 2010 became the first community college transfer student to win the University Prize as top undergraduate student. Biddle is now studying to become a doctor.

At the college department level there are success stories like the Journalism Department magazine which this year won 2nd place NATIONALLY, competing against four year universities.

In summary, the overall education quality and student success at CCSF is good.

What About the Accreditation Issue?

The Accrediting Commission for California Community Colleges (ACCJC) has come down hard on CCSF with complaints focused on management and finances.

Until July 2014 financial aid applications and coursework are guaranteed to transfer.

After July 2014 it is not 100% certain. However, it is very likely that the accreditation issue will be resolved well before then. Some of the reasons for this include:

1. CCSF faculty, staff and administration have made major appropriate changes in response to the criticisms and demands of the Accrediting Commission.

2. If CCSF was to lose accreditation after 2014, it would negatively impact about 100,000 people. Some of those people are going to be heard by powerful individuals and institutions who have the power to intervene.

3. In contrast with the above point, if the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) was to disappear next week, there would be cheers of joy from community colleges up and down the state.

4. The reality is that CCSF education is good, all the data backs that up and the public is slowly becoming aware that the "accreditation" policies and actions of ACCJC are not what they expected or want. The contradiction between the positive claims of the Accrediting agency and its negative and harmful actions is becoming increasingly apparent to more and more people.

5. ACCJC will have its policies and actions officially reviewed this coming Fall by the National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity (NACIQI). NACIQI will make a recommendation to the US Dept of Education whether ACCJC should continue to be recognized. The actions and policies of ACCJC have prompted a wide range of criticisms and complaints that are being heard. In parallel, the official NACIQI report on all accreditation agencies recommends more public input and "substantial modification" in policies to make them "less intrusive, prescriptive, costly, and granular". The alternative report of the committee goes beyond that and calls the accreditation system "dysfunctional" and "broken"! Note that these criticisms are aimed at the ACCREDITING AGENCIES and some of the criticism appears to be especially aimed at ACCJC.

The above points suggest that it is likely that the threat to remove CCSF accreditation will be suspended or revoked sometime over the coming months. In meantime it's easier than usual to get a place in the class of your choice. Enroll now.

CCSF is not dead. It's alive and kicking.