Here we are, the morning after the election, HOPEFULLY, President Barack Obama is celebrating his second term, and Black folks across America doing the same! Steve Harvey, host Steve Harvey Morning show, on radio station KBLX, called election day, “FIGHT DAY “ - urged Black folks to get out the vote - no matter how long one must stand in line! Did we win the battle? Reminder, column deadline Tuesday morning.

My heart goes out across the country to those impacted by the tragedy of Hurricane Sandy’s devastating destruction of the eastern seaboard, New Jersey Shoreline and New York City, STUNNED from the severe storm - seemingly the worst in history, and snow fell in West Virginia!

In between watching the GIANTS Victory Parade Celebration (AWESOME! ), tried to contact family members in Asbury Park, New Jersey, where I was born and raised. Heart broken when viewing the boardwalk. Atlantic ocean sea waves crashed ashore; intensely watched news of other familiar cities - Seaside Heights, Belmar, Long Branch, Newark, trampled by mother nature in its rage.

SHOCKED to hear a New York City hospital generators were out; no back up, darkness, critically ill infant babies rescued by courageous hospital staff, transferred to another facility, careful with their delicate young charge!

The sight of New York City in darkness - no public transportation, people walking across the Brooklyn Bridge in attempts to go to work; gas lines - cars, people carried gas cans - after hours of standing, many left empty handed when station ran out of fuel, closed. People starving, helpless, trapped in their homes Frightening!

Ah, President Obama was a champ; especially the last few days , interrupted his marathon campaigning across key states of Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin, Nevada, AND doing his duties as Commander-in-Chief. Monday, October 29 , along comes Hurricane Sandy!

MR. OBAMA not only got game but HEART! Always flashing that smile as he talks to the people - a FRESH one at every stop! He’s amazing. One may not always agree with his stance, but cooly goes about the business of running the country!

AND there he was in my home state, at the cry for help, seen surveying the damages on the Jersey Shores with Governor Chris Christie, giving him confidence FEMA would help the state. The Governor had been campaigning for challenger Mitt Romney but let it be known, politics aside, he was working to help his constituents! The President was DA MAN OF THE HOUR!!! A photo is worth a thousand words - as seen here.

The image of the two men - a Democrat and a Republican - coming together in a bipartisan effort, on behalf of the people, lost during Mr. Obama’s first four years in office with the party of NO! Hurricane Sandy may have been a message from above! Obama cares - take me back to KATRINA - poor folks ignored, standing on roof tops crying for help. President Bush flew over by helicopter to survey the devastation! Wonder what Obama would have done?

MOVING FORWARD...The question - if President Obama has won another four years, can the politicians in Washington, D.C. come together in bipartisan effort to get this country back on track, that now include rebuilding the New Jersey shore? President Obama and Gov. Christie showed you how it’s done!

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