HOME SWEET HOME! What a blast at AT&T Park this past weekend! CEREMONIAL would be the word! The action made one misty eyed, happy to see the young GIANTS receive their World Series rings - gorgeous TIFFANY designed and produced!

Together again! As usual on the scene OPENING DAY, when The World Champion GIANTS opened their 14th Season at AT&T Park last Friday, vs St. Louis Cardinals, 2012 National League Wild Card Champions. Pitcher Barry Zito got the win - 1-0! . Fans already cheering for a World Series repeat!!!

In dramatic ritual, the 2012 World Series Banner, cradled in manager Bruce Bochy’s arms, walked to the outfield, along with several players, who each took a turn to raise the flag up the centerfield flag pole, that included, Ryan Volgelsong, Buster Posey, Sergio Romo, Pablo Sandoval, Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain, ‘REV.’ Hunter Pence, Marc Scutaro, (Scutaro and Sandoval threw out the ceremonial FIRST PITCH).

Always like to peep in The BIG TENT to mix with the VIP gathering, that include Giants players, CEO LARRY BAER, for light hors d’eouvres and drinks. Espied QUENTIN KOPP, retired San Mateo Superior Court Judge, savvy in bright suit , all smiles. (years ago, often saw Kopp in San Francisco West Portal shopping area). HARRISON CHASTANG, BeyondChron columnist, and Photographer/ sports writer with radio station KPOO, requested Kopp pose with me for a camera shot, also of JOHN BURTON, CA Democratic Party Chair, but Burton didn’t seem too interested in standing with Kopp.

Chastang wanted to ask Kopp, who previously served as chair of CA High Speed Rail Authority, why he no longer support the system (bullet train) but no time to get into a serious conversation. By the way, Chastang is busy these days trying to help SAVE KPOO, along with station staff and announcers, in dire need of funds to continue broadcasting!

Also seen - S.F. Chief of Protocol CHARLOTTE MAILLARD and distinguished hubby GEORGE SCHULTZ, former Secretary of State during the Ronald Reagan Administration, currently a fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University; the good-looking couple of TIM SIMON, CPUC, and KIMBERLY BRANDON, S.F. Port Commission (for 17 years, once again up for reappointment in May). Always a pleasure to chat with TOMMY MOON (hubby to RENEL, GIANTS Public announcer - hey, she got a ring!); former S.F. Redevelopment Commissioner, FRANCEE COVINGTON and son.

The Baby Bull - ORLANDO CEPEDA shared he would be at the game Saturday ; infact, there all weekend, seated on the field with GIANTS Hall of Famers, Gaylord Perry, Juan Marichal, Willie McCovey, and Willie Mays - all received rings.

Once in the Press box, delighted to chat with VIDA BLUE, Comcast sportsnet commentator, recalled memories of his wedding at Candlestick Park - horse drawn carriage and all, captured the ceremony, featured in a spread in the Sun Reporter Newspaper. Sportsnet pal, BILL LASKEY in the press room as well.

MARIA JACINTO, GIANTS hardworking Senior Director Broadcast Services, greeted scribes from all over, tin town to cover the weekend celebration. A packed house!

Also in the press box, Fillmore Jazz Legend - pianist JIMMY PARKER , who performed at the well-known HIDEAWAY Club on Fillmore during those heydays of the area (believe across from the now site of HARRY’S - then Warrior great Nat Thurmond’s restaurant called ‘The Beginning’).

CALENDAR NOTE - The anticipated movie, ‘42’ - The JACKIE ROBINSON Story, open in theaters this Friday. Robinson passed October 24, 1972. April 15, 1947, Jackie Robinson debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers, becoming the FIRST African American to play in the major leagues since 1885. Robinson smashed Major League’s baseball color line in heroic fashion, winning over white fans with his class, courage, and dynamic play!

Robinson was a man who demanded respect. He was insulted in front of crowds - n-word used many times. Painful as it was, he showed up every game. ready to perform.

I would especially hope young Black men would see this film, understand the struggles Black players went though to play the game, the likes of Giants’ WILLIE MAYS, as well. Sorry to see, today, the lack of young players not interested in the game of baseball. Saw it coming - this year’s GIANTS team have no Black players.

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