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A scene from Fruit Chan's THE MIDNIGHT AFTER, playing at Hong Kong Cinema, November 14 - 15 at the Vogue Theatre.

Reviews From The Hong Kong Cinema Film Festival

Posted November 14, 2014 by

The “Hong Kong Cinema” film festival, which runs at the Vogue Theatre this weekend, is two things to local moviegoers.  First, it’s the next event in the San Francisco Film Society’s Fall Festival season. Second, like its earlier iterations, the
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Reviews From the 39th American Indian Film Festival

Posted October 31, 2014 by

Myrton Running Wolf’s entertaining and informative short “This Is Not An Indian Problem” demonstrates in a little over eight minutes the continuing relevance of the American Indian Film Festival.  The week-long annual film festival, which starts up this Saturday at
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The Best of Mill Valley Film Festival 37

Posted October 9, 2014 by

“What a wonderfully crappy life” is probably not the meaning of either “Que Caramba Es La Vida” or this documentary’s original German title.  Yet in German filmmaker Doris Dorrie’s fascinating portrait of female mariachis plying their trade in Mexico City,
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“Wetlands” is Controversial–is Film Also Good?

Posted September 18, 2014 by

David Wnendt’s “Wetlands” matches Charlotte Roche’s source novel with a controversial adaptation likely to cause a carful of MPAA censors to spontaneously combust in outrage and disgust.  This entertainingly divisive film, which arrives Friday at SF’s Embarcadero Center Cinemas, opens
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RICH HILL—Film Review

Posted August 20, 2014 by

“Rich Hill,” the US Documentary Grand Jury Prize winner at the most recent Sundance Film Festival, is not a film for cinematic poverty tourists.  In the course of filmmaking cousins’ Tracy Droz Tragos and Andrew Droz Palermo’s multi-year portrait, none
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