Randy Shaw

Randy Shaw is the Editor of Beyond Chron and the Director of San Francisco’s Tenderloin Housing Clinic, which publishes Beyond Chron. Shaw is the author of four books on activism, including The Activist's Handbook: Winning Social Change in the 21st Century, and Beyond the Fields: Cesar Chavez, the UFW and the Struggle for Justice in the 21st Century. His new book is The Tenderloin: Sex, Crime and Resistance in the Heart of San Francisco

Articles by Randy Shaw

Julian Castro: The next Vice-President?

Who Will Be Dems VP Nominee?

Posted August 4, 2015 by

In the race for the Democratic Party presidential nomination, only Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have assembled potentially winning campaigns. Joe Biden’s candidacy was floated over the weekend, but even his backers could not explain what he brings that Clinton
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Top 5 Anti-Rent Control Lies

Posted August 3, 2015 by

The movement for rent control is back. In response to steep rent increases, Richmond, Santa Rosa, San Jose, and Stockton are among California cities considering the enactment of rent control and just cause eviction laws (Richmond’s measure has already passed). 
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SF’s Housing Showdown

Posted July 30, 2015 by

After all the rallies, signature gathering and last minute deals, San Francisco’s approach to its housing crisis heads for a fall showdown. And while many activists are drawn to issues in conflict—-e.g. initiatives regulating short-term rentals and imposing a Mission
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A Clinton campaign house meeting in 2008

Will UFW Strategy Elect the Next President?

Posted July 28, 2015 by

In my book, Beyond the Fields: Cesar Chavez, the UFW and the Struggle for Justice in the 21st Century, I describe how the farmworkers movement of the 1960’s and 1970’s impacted social and political movements beyond the fields. Barack Obama
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Silicon Valley realtors on Sacto lobbying visit; realtors across state pushed for Costa Hawkins and against Ellis Act reform

Blame Realtors for SF’s Housing Crisis

Posted July 27, 2015 by

Who is to blame for San Francisco’s affordable housing crisis? According to SPUR’s Gabriel Metcalf (“What’s the Matter With San Francisco?”), it’s the city’s progressives. Metcalf argues in a story last week that San Francisco progressives had “a fatal, Shakespearean
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Overflow crowd at Richmond rent control hearing

Richmond 1, Gentrification 0

Posted July 24, 2015 by

The Bay Area city of Richmond made history Tuesday night, as the City Council voted 4-1 to enact rent control and just cause eviction laws. It is the first time a city has passed rent control in thirty years. It
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Section 504 protests in 1977 paved way for the ADA

The ADA Turns 25

Posted July 21, 2015 by

This month marks the 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a remarkable triumph of activism and political savvy. The ADA’s passage in 1990 followed more than a decade of intense grassroots organizing by a constituency marginalized and
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