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The Inside Scoop on CA Politics

Posted October 13, 2016 by

Change from the Inside: My Life, the Chicano Movement, and the Story of an Era by Richard Alatorre with Mark Grossman Richard Alatorre may not be a household name today, but he was on the front lines of many of
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The Woman Who Saved Our Cities

Posted September 22, 2016 by

Jane Jacobs is the leading urban visionary for post-WWII cities. Fittingly, her 100th birthday this year is being celebrated by books, events and a new documentary film. I recently spoke at a SPUR panel titled “What Would Jane Jacobs Do?,”
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Uncovering California Labor

Posted September 1, 2016 by

American labor unions are often associated with New York City garment workers or West Virginia coal miners, but California has a rich labor history. Fred Glass’ brilliant new book, From Mission to Microchip: A History of the California Labor Movement,
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The Selected Writings of Ralph J. Gleason

Remembering Ralph Gleason, Legendary SF Jazz Writer

Posted August 15, 2016 by Peter Richardson

­Music in the Air: The Selected Writings of Ralph J. GleasonConversations in Jazz: The Ralph J. Gleason Interviews, Edited by Toby Gleason I didn’t know anything about the Ralph J. Gleason cult until I began researching my 2009 book on
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Lessons from Breast Cancer Activist Barbara Brenner

Posted July 14, 2016 by Lainey Feingold

Barbara Brenner’s friends and family have given a gift to activists in all fields with the publication of So Much To Be Done:  The Writings of Breast Cancer Activist Barbara Brenner.  Brenner, who died in 2013, was a well known
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