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Disabled Activist Recalls Movement History

Posted June 18, 2015 by Lainey Feingold

Corbett Joan OToole is a disabled activist out to change hearts and minds with her powerful new book, Fading Scars / my queer disability history. OToole’s unrelenting challenge to the status quo begins with the cover. The book’s structure and
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(Image: Urban Reality Press)

San Francisco: The High Life of the Lowlifes

Posted May 18, 2015 by Paul Buhle

The Tenderloin: Sex, Crime and Resistance in the Heart of San Francisco, by Randy Shaw. San Francisco: Urban Reality Press, 2015. (Ed. Note: Copyright, Reprinted with permission. Original article in Truthout) If your life was changed by a spell
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Coney Island Exposed America’s Spirit

Posted February 27, 2015 by

There may be no five-mile area in the United States that better captures the nation’s democratic spirit than New York City’s Coney Island. Coney Island came to symbolize America’s working-class dreams, growing ethnic and racial diversity, love of amusement, and
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Aviva Chomsky's new book “Undocumented: How Immigration Became Illegal,” Beacon Press, 2014.

‘Undocumented: How Immigration Became Illegal’

Posted January 29, 2015 by Mark Erlich

On November 20, 2014, President Obama announced a series of executive actions on immigration. Up to 5 million of the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States will be protected from deportation. In addition, parents of U.S. citizens
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Is the Internet Good for Us?

Posted September 4, 2014 by

New books examining the broader social impacts of the Internet fall into two camps. Some view the Internet, new media and social media as forces of liberation; others, as reinforcing oppression.  My reading has found both approaches relying on  superficiality
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Send In A Sub: Life In The Blackboard Jungle

Posted July 3, 2014 by

“We substitute teachers like to think of ourselves as the marines of the public education system. Whenever a breach opens in our nation’s educational front lines, off we go: The few, the brave, the stupid.”                                                                                     –From Tom Gallagher’s SUB Review
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