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The Chevron refinery has long been a physical presence in Richmond. But this election year, more so than any time in the company’s history here, Chevron has nakedly embedded itself in local politics.

Why Chevron’s trying to buy Richmond’s elections

Posted October 29, 2014 by Brett Murphy and Bonnie Chan

Chevron has poured millions into a campaign committee to influence Richmond’s mayoral and City Council elections, and the unprecedented spending has fueled questions about what the oil titan hopes to achieve with the best city government its money can buy.
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No on 46 claims attorneys are the problem, not outdated medical malpractice damage caps

What Big Money “No” Campaigns Really Want

Posted October 28, 2014 by

Giants’ fans listening to KNBR have been deluged with political ads opposing three ballot measures. One ad promises to stop “a single politician” from doing terrible things to people. Another to prevent “billions” in additional health care costs. The third
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Campaign Grows for Santa Clara County Living Wage in

Posted October 16, 2014 by Khanh Weinberg

In the Valley of Plenty, one in three residents do not earn enough to get by. As the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors contemplates creating an ordinance requiring its contractors to pay employees a living wage, a new economic report was
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Senator and former Burlington, VT Mayor Bernie Sanders

Sanders, Kucinich Rally For East Bay Progressives

Posted October 9, 2014 by Steve Early

 If you’re Gayle McLaughlin, the Green mayor of Richmond, now termed out but running for city council, or Dan Siegel, the radical labor lawyer challenging an incumbent mayor in Oakland, who can rally the troops better than a former mayor  who
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BART's ongoing disability access problems

BART — Too Few Disabled Riders to Matter?

Posted October 7, 2014 by Bob Planthold

BART board and staff actions the past few years seems less based on principles than on appeasing large numbers of [ potential ] passengers. – During 2013’s two strikes, people with disabilities were prevented from riding the free accessible shuttle
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