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From Nevius to Talbot, SF Chronicle Moves Left

SF Chronicle Moves Left

Posted December 1, 2016 by

David Talbot to Replace Nevius C.W. Nevius retires from 36 years at the San Francisco Chronicle today. Once a sportswriter, Nevius became San Francisco’s version of Boston’s Mike Barnicle or New York City’s Pete Hamill—-he was the voice of San
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SF's tenant movement must be heard at City Hall

Are SF Supes Abandoning Tenants?

Posted November 29, 2016 by

Despite ongoing rent hikes and evictions, San Francisco’s self-proclaimed progressive Supervisors appear to have other priorities. Consider: *A massive, only in San Francisco rent control loophole that allows huge operating and maintenance passthroughs continues to cause tenants hardship without Supervisor
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Ahsha's Safai's victory in D11 undermines SF's political labels

SF’s New Political Landscape

Posted November 28, 2016 by

San Francisco politics are changing. Donald Trump has unified the city’s politicians in staunch resistance to federal attacks on city residents and policies.  Mayor Lee’s defeat of four ballot measures attacking his power (Props D, H, L. and M) repudiated
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Mayor Lee swears in Alex Randolph for College Board in 2015.

Will Alex Randolph Replace Wiener?

Posted November 17, 2016 by

With D8 Supervisor Scott Wiener the all but official winner of the State Senate race, attention now turns to his replacement. The choice appears surprisingly obvious: recently elected Community College Board Trustee Alex Randolph. Randolph offers several critical assets that
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TNDC's long awaited Eddy/Taylor project breaks ground in 2017

SF Succeeds in Battling Gentrification

Posted November 15, 2016 by

Contrary to popular belief, San Francisco is making real progress in preserving economic diversity and resisting gentrification.  New developments in the Mission, Tenderloin, and HOPE SF’s public housing rebuild are all part of this success. Overall, the combination of nonprofit
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Scott Wiener will be heading to Sacramento

Why Wiener Won

Posted November 14, 2016 by

All of my San Francisco election predictions proved correct—except for Scott Wiener’s victory over Jane Kim in the State Senate race.  While votes remain to be counted, Kim has not made up much ground since election night. It appears clear
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Guest Editorial: Nightmare coming to Van Ness

Posted November 14, 2016 by Chris Parkes

Halloween has passed, but the nightmare has just begun. This week, most left turns, 2 car lanes, many parking spaces, 50 year old trees, and perhaps your sanity, will be permanently lost from Van Ness… aka Highway 101! Unlike a
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