BLOODY ANDREW JACKSON is a rock musical with music and lyrics written by Michael Friedman. And the fascinating book by Alex Timbers.

Directed by Jon Tracy**

O.K. – hang on to your seat. This comedic Wild West Rock musical revolves around the founding of the Democratic Party. All of a sudden Andrew Jackson wants to be more than a President – he wants to be a Rock Star.

America’s seventh President focuses on being popular. Jackson is also very busy in a “Rock Way”, of doing away with the Indians. He wants to gobble up more Indian land to extend America.

The Cast is absolutely thrilling. They sing with huge enthusiasm. Nothing could be better. Plus – we get to find out more about Bloody Andrew Jackson.

Here is a little background: Jackson’s childhood was in the 18th century. His father was a local shoe cobbler. Jackson joins the military - where he is imprisoned - by the British. You’ll learn more about Jackson and his disdain, and the US government’s lack of involvement with the people of the wild frontier. He wishes someone would stand up to them. The song “I’m Not That Guy” will tell you more in some thrilling lyrics.

Jackson as a Star, shows off his sexy clothing (at least in the musical). Jackson wants to move the Native Americans who are still living in the Territories. He implores Black Fox’ to move her (has been played by a man in some shows) people west of the Mississippi. It comes down to this: Bloody Jackson has a Hissie Fit. He violently snaps, and decrees that federal troops will forcibly move the Indians West.

Near the end of a star spangled appearance – many people believe that he was one of America’s greatest presidents. Others believe him to be an “American Hitler”. Well, let’s just say he was both. Charming and bloody.

This show is a wonderfully clever delight. It’s not only fantastically entertaining – It’s a wild vicious and significant evening. Can’t seem to get it off my mind. Not only is this lavish production stunning –its thoughtful and downright brilliant.

THE ACTORS AND MUSICIANS ARE THRILLINGLY UPLIFTING. THEY ARE: Michael Barrett Austin – Angel Burgess – El Beh – Ashkon Davaran – William Elsman – Johathan Fadner – Safiya Fredericks – Lucas Hatton – Ann Hopkins – Olive Mitra – James Smith-Wallis. More: Daniel Vigil – Vince Rodriquez and Adrienne Walters.

Musical Direction, Jonathan Fadner – Set Design, Nina Ball – Sound Design, Brendan Aanes. ARTISTIC DIRECTOR: Bill English and Producing Director, Susi Damlano

When the show premiered n Broadway (Oct. 13, 2010). The show closed early due to a poor economy. According to the New York Times – the show cost $4.5 million. It closed at a loss.

It seemed to be a huge hit at the Newly restored San Francisco Playhouse. The audience gave it a rip-roaring standup musical that will have you bumping and grinding.

The show plays 90 minutes with no intermission

RATING: FOUR GLASSES OF CHAMPAGNE!!!! (highest rating) –trademarked-

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MARTHA REEVES DOES IT ALL. She has that buzzing energy that bumps us along with tales of love, betrayal and lost loves. Reeves really sends out music that ranges from 50’s music to songs that are still current. She knows it all – from Soul and R&B to purest pop music ever. I dare not to jiggle your butt a little. How can you not?

Martha Reeves has been at the Rrazz Room for many exciting evenings. And I’m sure that her energy and her music will keep us highly entertaining. Reeves And The Vandellas were at the top of the charts along with Dian Ross and The Supremes. And you can believe this – Some of the other famous entertainers scooped up Martha’s songs (many she wrote herself). Many of famous hits were swept right out from under the ‘Classic Reeves Motown sound.” That’s show biz.

And – that’s why she is still on the stage and still bumping and grinding and sending out those famous high standard songs. She sure as hell is worth seeing. I’ve seen her many times and each show is a gem. This time at the Rrazz Room Reeves sang solo (with her band). The Vandellas were missing – but we expect them to be on the backup trail with Reeves very soon.

Reeves is absolutely fabulous from song to song. Can’t get to the Rrazz? Then at least get some “Detroit Music Discs” and play them in your car. You’re gonna love Martha. Not only can she sing the Major hits – they make great driving music. She will be back and so will I!

RATING: FOUR GLASSES OF CHAMPAGNE!!!! – (highest rating) –trademarked-


The Photo of Lee Hartgrave Boy Reporter is by Jim Ferreira – Film Noir & Hollywood Glamour.



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