At the California Democratic Convention three months ago, Assembly Speaker John Perez greased the wheels so that his candidate – Betsy Butler – got the Party Endorsement for the 50th Assembly District, although the State Assemblywoman carpet-bagged into the 50th to run against Torie Osborn, a progressive Democrat. But it’s only gotten worse since. In a press release, Butler touted her endorsement by the landlord advocacy group Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles – although the district she’s running for includes Santa Monica and West Hollywood. “It is hard to reconcile Butler’s claim to be a progressive standard bearer when she aligns herself with the folks who would love to eliminate rent control,” wrote West Hollywood activist Steve Martin in a local blog. And it also highlights Speaker Perez’s dismal record when passing pro-tenant legislation – as top priorities like repealing the Action Apartments decision and inclusionary housing have either languished, or gone down to defeat. If the Speaker’s candidate in one of the most pro-tenant districts happens to be the landlord choice, it’s all you need to know of his priorities. Meanwhile, Santa Monica tenant activists are not amused