The arrest of Aurora Colorado mass murder suspect James Holmes should persuade San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee to permanently deep six a proposal to bring the controversial " Stop and Frisk" policy to San Francisco. Holmes, a 24 year old white male Ph.D student charged with the Colorado mass murders, would hardly fit the profile of the Black and Latino men who would obviously be targeted in any type of" Stop and Frisk" program envisioned in San Francisco.

The details of the Aurora murders indicate that unlike the impulsive, random and retaliation shootings committed by Blacks and Latinos often connected to the drug trafficking, Holmes used his knowledge of weapons and his Ph.D level education in chemicals and explosives to meticulously plan his movie theatre attack and to rig his apartment with a complex maze of explosives and chemical weapons that would have not only killed police officers entering Holmes apartment seeking evidence of the movie theater shootings, but possibly hundreds of people living in apartments adjacent to Holmes' unit if he had not informed arresting officers of the booby traps.

If Holmes lived in San Francisco and attended UCSF he would not have been approached by San Francisco Police as someone who is a potentially dangerous threat because of his race, background and educational status, even though there was much more probable cause to stop and question someone like Holmes rather than a Black or Hispanic man in the Mission or Bayview police believe MIGHT have a weapon under a jacket or sweatshirt.

Police did not raise any question of probable cause for Holmes when he ordered a semiautomatic rifle, body armor, gas mask or more than 6,000 rounds of ammunition. While all of the equipment Holmes used in the attack was legal, would a knock on the door of Holmes' door by the Aurora police asking why Holmes felt the need to purchase body armor or 6,000 rounds of bullets, police may have been able to establish probably cause to arrest Holmes, or at the very least had Holmes placed on a watch list?

Sadly, while most of the individual killings in San Francisco, and most other big cities have been perpetrated by Black and Latino males, those shootings involved one or two people, not the 12 killed and 59 wounded in the Aurora killing. Colorado police say many more people could have been injured or killed if Holmes's AR-15 assault rifle hadn't jammed.

Few of the nation's mass murders have been committed by Black or Latino Men or in urban communities. The last three worst mass murder attacks have occurred in either in the mostly middle class suburbs of Denver Colorado or at Fort Hood, located in one of the most conservative parts of Texas. Both Texas and Colorado have gun that permit the ownership of guns like HR 15.

Mayor Lee says that any "Stop and Frisk" police would have to follow rules and regulations to prevent racial profiling. If the Mayor is going to implement "Stop and Frisk" it shouldn't be limited to Black and Latin people in the Bayview or Mission, because the people with the motive, knowledge and ability to injury and kill people are not limited to communities where mostly Black and Brown people live and work. Police should also engage in "Stop and Frisk" at UCSF, where students and professors with knowledge of and access to materials that can be made into deadly and destructive biochemical weapons that could kill hundreds, if not thousands of people.

If "Stop and Frisk" is imposed on Third Street and Mission Street, it should also be on Montgomery Street and Parnassus Avenue (the home of UCSF).