SEX, JEALOUSY PLUS OBSESSION is at the top of this comedy/tragedy. There are two Acts in this play. The first keeps you laughing as Mendy takes over the stage, with his engaging bitchy comments. He comments constantly about Maria Callas the Opera Singer. Mendy -- actually wants to be Callas. He has lost one of the Opera Singers Records. Yes, they had big records that you put on a phonograph then. And no, they didn't have any Apps then. But for a very fluttering vicious opera Queen, Mendy is one of the most memorable characters that I have ever seen on the stage. Here is a quote "How many tears are we supposed to shed?" Here's another zinger "Sutherland? I hate Sutherland" referring to another Opera Star. Love this snippet: - "He has Balls - he just doesn't wear them on his sleeves!"

Most of the talking is from Mendy who constantly obsesses about Opera singers. Mendy and his friend Stephen, go on and on about various Opera Singers. Who is the best and who isn't. Well, it turns out that it always ends up being Callas. The first act is absolutely hilarious. The second Act is very serious. No jokes here. Mendy's friend Stephen is trying to make up with Mike (Phillippe Gosselin). But like a house of Phonograph records -- the walls fall down around them. A young good looking man comes out of the Bathroom naked (Adam Roy). Stephen is having a nervous breakdown as this second Act is an emotional palette.

Stephen is plotting on how to get rid of the young man who is showering together with (Stephen's Lover Mike). It all ends up badly in the last act. Not what you would expect after seeing Act One. "See It! Explosively good!"

THE POSITIVELY TERRIFIC CAST: Philippe Gosselin, Adam Roy, Michael Sally and Matt Weimer.

WRITTEN BY - Terrance McNally. Directed by Dennis Lickteig. Time: 1988. Place: New York City

RATING: Four Glasses of Champagne!!!! (highest rating) - trademarked-

OZ - Courtesy Photo


The Star of "OZ" is the handsome James Franco. He nails every nuance. This movie is not just huff and puff stuff and you go away. To the Contrary - "OZ" is something special. There are the tree Witches (sisters) and they know how to strike lightning bolts like you've never seen before. You might think that they are all just Love and Kisses. Nope, they are not. They all want to get rid of Franco, The Magician. And to do that they use every kind of Black Magic that is possible. Well, not every Witch wants to be "Queen" for a day. They want to be Queen forever in the magical world of Oz. Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams are Queens of the Poppy Fields just outside of OZ -- as they try to take control of OZ. Gee, seems just like politicians to me. There are two really evil Witches - the Third Witch (they are all Sisters) is kind and gorgeous. She will be the Queen.

The filming is extremely Magical. Colors pop us in front of your 3-D eyes as you focus on magical wizardly that make illusion one of the world's greatest powers on the screen. Sure, there are hints of the Original "Wizard of Oz" that starred Judy Garland as she skipped down the Yellow Brick road. And there weren't any dwarfs singing along the Yellow Brick road - but there is one cute little monkey that has the brightest blue eyes. You will be cheered up with a couple of songs - but this is not a musical. The bad Witches won't allow anyone to be happy.

O.K. OZ is a little long - but not boring. It sure keeps you on the edge of your chair. The 3-D effects are excellent. Somewhat like the award winning movie "PI".

Near the end of "Oz" is the most spectacular part of the movie. It's when Franco takes over the City of Oz. Amazing and exciting thrills. "Oz is Terrific, Hilarious! The all-star cast will dazzle you with the tremendous performances!"

RATING: FOUR GLASSES OF CHAMPAGNE!!!! (highest rating) -trademarked-


The Photo of Lee Hartgrave Boy Reporter is by Jim Ferreira – Film Noir & Hollywood Glamour.



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