Impressive - that's what the audience wanted and that's what they got. Her singing is total entertainment from start to finish. She is on the stage as comfortable as she can be. LuPone throws her love to the audience - and everyone just beams with excitement.

The evening was spectacular fun. When I first entered the Cadillac building on Van Ness Street, the line of fans were clear out the door onto the sidewalk. This is what I think -- I think that the audience believes that LuPone can do it all. Well, they are right --She radiates personality, in the fantastic showroom (Live at the Rrazz.)

There is no kidding around here. Except - when LuPone does take ius on a few marvelous jokes along the way. But, mostly what we get is one of the most exciting moments in the world. She can do anything with her voice. Just to take a line from an old song that I was humming in my mind. "She can do anything -- Yes, she can!"

LuPone gave us many songs to treasure during the evening. There are many songs to love. Here are a few that bring back memories. LuPone sez that she does like to bring out tinges of Edith Piaf and Lotte Lenya -- with the help of excellent piano work by Christopher Fenwick. Yes, I missed hearing those heavy duty songs from "Sunset Boulevard and Evita. But, no matter what she sings and where it is from -- her remarkable charm is exceptional. In the fullest sense of the music - she arrives as the "Complete Star."

LuPone's song set went on quite long. But believe me, it was worth it. You'll be stunned with her undeniably powerful voice. She is a fascinating as a singer can get. Even more so. You've never heard or seen anything like it. She came back out on the stage to thunderous applause. Only a fool would want to come back on the stage. Only LuPone would give us more joy. The show rant Thirty minutes longer than the usual. But she didn't care and neither did the audience. Shall we Dance?