Flowers spring to blossom where she walks
The careful ways of duty;
Our hard, stiff lines of life with her
Are flowing curves of beauty.

- John Greenleaf Whittier

And so began my fall down the rabbit hole of femininity (insert juvenile sexual joke here.)

Photo Courtesy of: seriykotik1970

You see, I read this poem just before walking into my first “Art of Feminine Presence” meeting a few months ago, as a way to get me into the mindset of what I was about to experience (though I quickly learned, no mere poet’s quote would get me ready for this.)

Now I won’t tell you too much about the meetings themselves, because I want to respect the program’s privacy. But I’ll give you the gist: The Art of Feminine Presence is a practice that involves movement, meditation, body awareness, and asking the questions that will allow us ladies to tap into our femininity. As the website puts it, it is that “it” factor that some women have—that “something” that makes men want them and makes women want to be them. No, I’m not talking about a nice smile or big breasts (again, insert juvenile sex joke here); I’m talking about something deeper.

The Art of Feminine Presence exercises are taught over the course of several meetings, one per week, and are designed to help you tap into your “feminine essence.” They call it your light globe.

So in my first meeting, we walked around the room, we moved with femininity, with grace; we opened up; we were vulnerable.
In short, for me it was torture.

See, I didn’t just give these meetings a whirl in order to write about them here (but of course that was part of the reason, dear reader!) I also went to the meetings—yes meetings plural, I did go back—because I felt like I needed to connect with that feminine side of myself. As I mentioned, it can be hard for me to be vulnerable, to be soft, to be feminine. In fact, just writing these things gives me the heeby jeebies. But I realize that at 26, as much as I hate to say it, I am a woman. (ugh.) And I need to…

Embrace the goddess within me (I assure you, these are not my words.)

And while I don’t think I will ever be the type of girly girl to fawn over dresses, spend hours fantasizing about my wedding to Prince Charming, or actually willingly put on a pair of heels, I do believe that the Art of Feminine Presence has at least given me the tools to get in touch with my femininity.

So ladies, if you’re reading this and thinking that you could benefit from getting in touch with your more feminine side, I strongly recommend you check them out. There are groups all over the world, and here are a couple in the Bay Area: Meetup 1, Meetup 2.

I am woman, HEAR ME ROAR!
- Helen Reddy

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