When I sit down to interview Vanessa, she greets me with a warm, open smile, she welcomes me to her home—and then she adjusts the monitor, briefly allowing the world around her to fall away like an anomalous earthquake has shaken Maryland.

“Can you hear me okay?” she asks into the microphone.

And despite the nearly 3,000 miles between us, I can not only hear her, but already feel totally at ease—something that bodes well for her clients world-wide. But more on that in a moment. First, allow me to introduce you to Vanessa Vizcarrondo Piche, Creative Life Coach and founder of Creative Soul Life Coaching.

So what exactly is a Creative Life Coach? Is it very different from a Life Coach in general?

I think of myself as a creative person so when I was coming up for a way to describe what it is that I do—my work with artists—I thought that was good way to term my role. A life coach takes on all types of clients; my focus is more specific. I take on artists.

Are you an artist yourself?

Yes. I’m a Plein Air painter which means I go outside with my easel—Plein Air is French for open air. I’ve been doing this for about five years.

Wonderful. I’ve seen your work, of course. It’s beautiful. Now, do you work with other creative types, who aren’t necessarily painters?

So far, I’ve been specifically attracting painters. But I’m open to working with any creatives, such as musicians, writers, actors, dancers, performers… I feel like we all kind of have that same DNA of expressing ourselves, so it all falls into the same group.

I agree. I’m a writer and painter myself, and I do know that feeling of being “blocked.” So if I were one of your clients, would you “un-block” me? How do you do this?

Generally my client is the artist who is working a lot of hours and who isn’t making a lot of money. I work with people who have day jobs but dream of being full-time artists. And so what I do is put them into the mindset of manifesting their dream life. I work with several different strategies—NLP coaching, the Law of Attraction, creative exercises, and even use paints and materials to really get going. With these tools, I not only transform their thoughts, but I can also make their dreams a reality.

Now specifically, I prefer starting out with an in-person six-hour retreat together. This really helps me to get to know someone, and I can tailor a very specific program for you. After that, we do coaching over the phone to maintain what we’ve started.

For those clients who don’t live on the East Coast, are there any programs for them?

Absolutely! Like I said, I prefer to start out working with clients face-to-face if possible, but of course, I’ve worked just as well with clients via Skype or the phone, when travelling to [Maryland] was not an option for them.

And some exciting things are in the works for clients around the US. Over the next several months, I’ll be travelling to specific places around the country to meet clients for in-person retreats, and then follow that up with working over the phone. I’m looking at places like Sedona, the West Coast, and other places as well.

Excellent. That is very exciting! Though I must say, Skype is working pretty well so far, for those national or international clients who want to start working with you right away.

Yeah. Gotta love technology!

So, seeing that my writing is predominately focused on spirituality, I have to ask, Vanessa, what are your thoughts on how creativity and spirituality are connected? I know when I am writing or painting, I am in a sort of meditative state—would you say that is because it is a spiritual practice?

Yes. Creativity is your birthright. It’s that energy that’s flowing through you—it’s your passion. I feel like it is your purpose to go out and express it. So really, we are all creative because we can express ourselves different ways. But I think this is something that needs to come out. So I help people to let it out.

And how did you get started with this?

Well, I have been coaching for about six months, beginning with my Neuro Linguistic Processing Coaching certification. But this journey began well before then for me.

I remember being on my hands and knees about two years ago, just begging the Universe for answers—“What am I doing?” I had this great secure job, a child, a loving husband, a house—it seemed like I had everything; but I knew I was living someone else’s life; someone else’s dream.

A friend of mine recently told me, “when you’re on your hands and knees, it’s not the end; it’s the beginning.” And I know now that this is true. I had asked for a sign, and just days later, I stumbled across Boundless Bliss Bali, which led me to meditating, journaling, and a whole new world of possibilities. And that was really the beginning for me.

So I know that you do various workshops, public speaking events, and programs for groups and art leagues—which, I’ll tell readers, can all be found on the website www.CreativeSoulLifeCoaching.com, but what is in the works for you? What is coming up?

A couple of things that I am very excited about. I am about to launch my new signature talk which is called “Paint, Make Money, Be Happy.” It is all about manifesting your artistic dreams.

I’ll be hosting a series of three free calls in November, and in January, an over-the-phone/Skype four-week program.

And I also just finished my e-book, which is published and available as a free download on my website. It’s called The Six Tools to Manifesting Your Dreams. And for those who really want to start right now, this is the best tool at your disposal. Just go to the website and pick it up for free.

Wow. You have a lot going on, Vanessa! Is all of your contact information on the website as well?

Yes. To get in touch about working with me, you can just visit www.CreativeSoulLifeCoaching.com, where you’ll find all of my contact information and program descriptions.

A few minutes later, Vanessa and I say our thank yous and goodbyes and end the call. It’s the strangest thing—I know I’ve just been chatting with Vanessa about her business, but suddenly I feel charged; I feel inspired; and after we hang up, I pick up a sketchbook and pencil for the first time in weeks. If merely talking with her over Skype leaves me feeling this jazzed, I can’t wait to meet with her in person when she visits the West Coast.

And if you get the chance, so should you.

Namaste, Everybody.