One of my favorite bands is Washington, DC's "Deathfix", which according to the Dischord Records website, was "formed in 2009 after Brendan Canty (Fugazi) and Rich Morel (Morel, Blowoff) met while touring in Bob Mould's band. Having discovered a shared affinity for the sounds of 1972 - particularly glam and progressive rock - they started getting together to work on music at Canty’s warehouse studio space..."

"Two years later, hoping to graduate the band from its studio-shut-in phase to its live ensemble phase, they recruited multi-instrumentalists Devin Ocampo (Faraquet, Medications) and Mark Cisneros (Medications) to hold down the rhythm section. Deathfix is now a full-fledged band, with all four members contributing a share of the riffs, song arrangements, and production tricks. The band released its self-titled 7-song debut in February, 2013. In Fall of 2013, Ocampo left Deathfix and was replaced, (by one of my favorite DC musicians), Jerry Busher (French Toast, Fugazi)."

The band has just embarked on an European tour, taking them to venues in Spain, France, England, and Scotland, to name but a few. The EU is in for a treat. Here's a video of one of my favorites, a wonderfully grooving, guitar-flavored piece called "Dali's House".

E. "Doc" Smith is a musician and recording artist with Edgetone Records, who has worked with the likes of Brian Eno, Madonna, Warren Zevon, Mickey Hart and many others. He is also the Arts & Entertainment editor for Beyond Chron.