As activists cheer Pope Francis’s public statements about poverty, inequality, and economic injustice---The Nation’s John Nichols describes it as “The Pope Versus Unfettered Capitalism” ---questions remain whether the Pope’s words will impact Catholic funding of community organizing and other social justice actions to help the poor in the United States. The Church’s rightward shift in the past decade saw a steep decline in the Catholic Campaign for Human Development’s support for such funding, and conservative groups continue to challenge funding for even the most moderate social justice groups.

Laura Barrett, a longtime housing activist who is the National Campaign Director for the faith-based Gamaliel network of social action groups, has provided an important update on efforts to renew the Church’s commitment to being “a Poor Church for the Poor.” Her article from Rooflines, “U.S. Catholic Funders: Resist Calls to Abandon Social Justice” can be found by clicking on the title. It is highly recommended. It shows a mobilizing on behalf of redirecting Catholic energies toward poverty and injustice that has not been covered by other media.