And I have enjoyed all of them - but...and there is a Butt. This Q is truly wicked, hip and as bawdy as the Actors can get. The characters bring out a stage version that is biting entertainment. It's truly wicked. Here's two of the songs: "Everyone's A Little Bit Racist," "The Internet is for Porn."

Well that's just the beginning. It's adult entertainment that knocks you out of your chair.

This version brings to the stage 7O's wicked entertainment. I love this Song: "If you were Gay". One character sez to the other - "But I'm not Gay." Maybe yes and maybe no! Who knows?

If you don't have a sense of humor -- then don't go. You're most likely not enlightened enough to understand what is going on. One of the puppets will sing to you -- "It Sucks to be You."

I'm so fired up -- I could see this New Conservatory Theatre show everyday. Most musicals are too contrived. These Actors (and Puppets) touch you heart. It's totally awesome.

By the way - you might see some Puppet Sex. Oh, don't worry -- its not real. I love to hear songs that are wicked and amazingly funny. This is Broadway -- and it's right here on Van Ness Avenue. Perfect for Avenue Q. You will just love this warped and wonderful world.

If you're Politically educated -- you will adore this musical. Hey, we're all adults - I think! It's about time that we grow up. The music is fantastic. Here's one of the songs:
"There's a Fine, Fine, Line." It's hard to believe that puppets can sing. But, I'd like to sleep with one.

I loved them all. They are so cute. And, I will always love these uproariously robust fabulous "Q"'s. Everyone was applauding like mad. It leaves you song-drunk. I wouldn't dream of missing this show. It sizzles! It's bound to be a huge hit. "A RAPID FIRE CROWD PLEASER!"

Now playing at the New Conservatory Theatre at the Corner of Van Ness and Market Street

RATING: Five Glasses of Champagne *****

(Lee Hartgrave has contributed articles to the San Francisco Chronicle Sunday Datebook. And he produced a long-running Arts Segment on PBS KQED - 7-years)


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