BLACK HISTORY IN THE MAKING! Former San Francisco MAYOR WILLIE L. BROWN, Jr., continues to make his MARK in California and San Francisco Bay Area history! . The RENAMING of the western span of the Bay Bridge, that links Treasure Island to San Francisco!

Startled many, which included myself, when news was announced late last year, the California Legislature, a vote of 26-7, officially approved ACR65, the resolution naming the western span “Willie L. Brown, Jr.” Bridge!

THANK YOU - at least a strip of San Francisco Bayview THIRD street will not change to Willie Brown, Jr., Blvd., as suggested by former Mayor GAVIN NEWSOM during his term in office (2009), cheered by a few Black members of the 3rd Street Merchants Association, and others who pumped up the idea for the renaming of the busy corridor starting from Evans Street southward! REALLY!!!

Well, the Third street proposal caused an angry uproar from some Bayview community leaders, in particular; for they had not been consulted, UNAWARE until the spread in an issue of the San Francisco Chronicle, March 14, 2009! BUT it was agreed there should be some recognition of the FIRST BLACK MAYOR of this city, whose life has been PHENOMENAL. What ever the reason , the subject DIED!

The renaming of the western span of the bridge is a GREAT honor for DA MAYOR, Although, I’m not for renaming the bridge, like I would not go for changing the Golden Gate Bridge or SFO Airport name to HARVEY MILK International Airport, as San Francisco Board of Supervisor DAVID CAMPOS would like!

Brown proudly announced in his column “WILLIE’S WORLD” featured every Sunday in the S.F. Chronicle, dated January 9th, Feb. 11 would be the the date for the Bridge naming ceremony to be held on Treasure Island, AND also the date of his late Mother’s birthday .

Of course, there has been outrage by some; lawsuits filed against the State of California to stop the action! I assume, to no avail! Whether one agrees or disagree on the renaming, bound to be the most celebrated, memorable historic Day in honor of the man who hailed from Mineola, Texas, made his mark in CA politics, shrewd power broker, freelance columnist, now rub elbows with the ELITE RICH! AN AMAZING LIFE! GIVE DA MAYOR HIS FLOWERS WHILE HE CAN STILL SMELL THEM!

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