Working with allies in the San Diego Affordable Housing Coalition, San Diego ACORN members helped build support for the March 30 passage of a "Just Cause Eviction Ordinance" to protect longtime tenants' rights in San Diego - the first tenants rights legislation passed in city history. The new law covers tenants who have lived in a rental unit for at least two years, and requires landlords to prove that tenants have violated one of ten "just cause" reasons outlined in the ordinance in order to evict them.

To pass this legislation, over the last year ACORN has facilitated meetings between City Councilmembers and victims of unfair evictions, coordinated a large march and rally, and sent 1,300 handwritten letters from community members to City Councilmembers Toni Alkins and Charles Lewis. Most recently, to support the measure ACORN members turned out in force and testified at the March 16 City Council hearing where the ordinance was being considered. For more information, contact Victoria Samaja at
or 619-235-9593.