DENVER—12:49 PM: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and DSCC Chairman Chuck Schumer just had a press conference to showcase 7 Democratic candidates running for the U.S. Senate. “We have the slimmest majority,” said Reid – citing Tim Johnson’s illness and Joe Lieberman voting to continue the Iraq War that has thwarted their efforts. “The people behind me are crucial to the future of this country,” said Schumer – and to attain the DSCC’s goal of a filibuster-proof Democratic majority of 60 votes. Reid left before the press could start asking questions, so I asked Schumer: “Why do we need 60 Democrats? Why is Reid the first Senate Majority Leader to say we need 60 votes – rather than a majority – to get things done?” Schumer said it’s because the GOP minority will stop at nothing. “It used to be only done on rare occasions,” he said. “This year, we’ve had 92 filibusters.” Scott Clemons of the Huffington Post followed up on my question by asking: “in 2005, when Republicans had a majority, they stopped Democratic filibusters. Why can’t you do the same now?” Schumer’s response was: “we don’t have 60 votes.” Never mind that in 2005, the Republicans only had a 55-vote majority.