While Gavin Newsom has his share of troubles, one of his Democratic rivals for the Governor’s race – Jerry Brown – could be even worse. The Attorney General said in an online interview this week that the budget situation is a mess, and that “there’s just pain.” But he then said he “would not be advocating new taxes,” which is wholly contradictory. Everyone has to share the pain during these tough times, and we should expect those who can afford it to pay more of their fair share. Even our current Governor has finally acknowledged the state has a revenue problem, and he yesterday called those who want to balance the budget on cuts alone “guilty of political cynicism at its worst.” Jerry Brown even claimed California has “one of the highest state taxes around,” although we actually rank 17th in the nation. We expect right-wing Republicans who want to starve the public sector and hold our state hostage during budget season every year to wave the banner of “no new taxes.” The last person we should hear this from is Governor Moonbeam.