By a 6-5 vote yesterday, the Board of Supervisors rejected Larry Mazzola Jr’s appointment to the Golden Gate Bridge Transportation Authority – despite being labor’s choice for one of the “union seats” on that body. Mazzola is from the Plumber’s Union, which campaigned against Supervisor Chris Daly – and tried to evict 156 SRO tenants at the Civic Center Hotel. Daly blamed unions for their inflexibility at proposing another candidate, while SF Labor Council head Tim Paulson blasted the Supes for “dictating” who represents their community. Ironically, the six Supervisors who opposed Mazzola (Mar, Chiu, Avalos, Mirkarimi, Campos and Daly) also happen to be the Board’s most pro-union members. From paid sick leave to the outsourcing of public employees, these are the Supervisors who were there for working people – with John Avalos and Eric Mar being former union organizers themselves. But at the meeting, you would have thought the other five were labor’s big champions. Michela Alioto-Pier, whose former aide now works at the Chamber of Commerce, even waxed poetic about the “painters, builders and electricians” that make the Golden Gate Bridge work. Of course, the debate focused almost entirely on Mazzola’s status as a “union man” – as opposed to, say, a “political legacy” (both his father and grandfather served on the GGBTA.)