At a time when Democrats control the White House, have a large majority in the House and a historic 60-vote majority in the Senate, passing universal health care with a strong public option should be a no-brainer. But with the Senate being run by Majority Leader Harry Reid, we are on the verge of seeing this slip through our fingers. Senate Majority Leader Lyndon Johnson would have never allowed Blanche Lincoln, Ben Nelson, Kent Conrad and Max Baucus to run roughshod over an historic opportunity – but Reid’s lack of spine has made a critical difference in passing landmark legislation. If the 2010 election were held today, Reid would lose to one of two unknown Republicans – at a time when Nevada voters strongly support a public option. After insisting for years that the Senate cannot pass anything without 60 votes, Reid has proved that he cannot get 60 Senate Democrats to pass health care reform when it matters. If Reid loses next year to a Republican challenger, could it be one of the best things to happen to Democrats?