With all the doom and gloom about the Democrats’ chances in November, an NBC-Wall Street Journal poll from last week may help shed a little light. While the Republicans have a huge “generic ballot” advantage in the South (52%-31%), they are losing in the rest of the country. Democrats have a 55-30% edge in the Northeast, an 11-point lead in the Midwest, and the two parties are evenly split in the West. Although Democrats re-took Congress in 2006 and expanded their majority in 2008, very few of their gains were in the South – which implies they should keep the bulk of the seats that carried them to victory. So which Democrats are going to be vulnerable in 2010? Mostly the Southern Blue Dogs, who represent more conservative parts of the country – and who have spent the past two years obstructing a progressive agenda. Keeping a blue majority while shedding Southern seats may end up being a blessing in disguise for Democrats.