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by on June 30, 2014

Thanks BeyondChron, for giving voice to those who oppose union leaders snuggling up to employers. The June 26 article by labor historian and journalist Cal Winslow exposes the corporate con-job of SEIU United Healthcare Workers – West leader Dave Regan’s partnership with management.

BeyondChron | The SEIU and the California Hospital Association: HOW NOT TO SAVE THE LABOR MOVEMENT

It’s a disgrace and disservice to the fine 150,000 members the union represents who deserve far better.


Despite Regan’s exaggerated proclamations, his plan is neither innovative nor historic. It’s the same old collusion with employers that has sold us down the river time and time again.


There are no short-cuts to gaining new members and certainly not by making the described back-room deals with management that sacrifice worker interests.


Thank You,

Carl Finamore

Machinist Lodge 1781 delegate

San Francisco Labor Council, AFL-CIO

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